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Style 360 eyebrow pencils in the world Japan a go to any Japanese drugstore and pick up whatever cheap eyebrow pencil and it'll be the best one you ever used okay let's scroll up and let's get to some early questions how do you get inspirations for your designs it's pretty random and you're gonna have to be open to it and if you're in a design rut you need to go do something that you don't normally do go see things that you don't normally see ghosts go watch a movie that is totally not your style of movie that you normally enjoy go to a museum exhibit that is not a fashion exhibit like I love fashion exhibits but there's so much
Style For 360 you in Japan what time is it over there now pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom you wanna be a fashion youtuber okay eh go for it dududu no no no no I'm just like scrolling through the questions good evening from Ireland wow that mic looks professional yeah this is this is the mic that I bought a few months ago because my husband was annoying me every single day suggesting I do a podcast and so I figured I should have like a fancy podcast mic so that I could have that fancy podcast voice you know
Online Fashion News that NPR voice good evening and welcome to NPR so I got it but it works really nice for voiceover if you haven't noticed my my most recent videos I think the voice-over sounds a lot nicer because this mic is so much nicer I like your shirt yes my little pony the OG my little pony who's old enough here that they watched and played with OG my little pony like eight hundred years ago okay and yeah so this mic is like super nice and let's see right looking official with the podcast mic I don't have anything to do with fashion